What Are the Reading Levels of the Resources?

The Reading Comprehension Passages and Phonics Passages from Lucky Little Learners are versatile resources for the second grade classroom. 

Reading Levels of the Reading Comprehension Passages

The reading comprehension passages are leveled using a Lexile band, but due to Lexile copyright we are not able to provide the exact level for each passage. Here is the coding we use for each reading passage level:

  • ⭐️Below Level/Star Passages: within the 300-500 band
  • ❤️On level/Heart Passages: within the 400-700 band
  • 🍏Above level/Apple passages: within the 600-800 band

When we design new products for 2nd grade that are leveled, we make sure they are within the CCSS recommended Lexile band for second grade (300-800).

For more information about text leveling and unique reading program correlations, please visit this link.

Reading Levels of the Phonics Passages

The Decodable Reading Comprehension Phonics Mats are not leveled. This is because the passages are decodable. 

Decodable texts are a different type of text than leveled readers or passages, and follow a phonics scope and sequence for the words and patterns included.

To learn more about decodable text and how to use it in the classroom, please check out this Lucky Little Learners blog post.

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