Growing Resource Bundle FAQs

Team Lucky Little Learners is constantly hard at work creating new resources and adding to the resources we already have. Many resources in our store are listed as “Growing Bundles”. This article will cover two common questions about our bundles:

  1. What is a growing bundle?
  2. I purchased a growing bundle. Do I have to purchase it again to get the added items?

What is a growing bundle? 

A growing bundle is a resource that is significantly discounted because it is in the process of being completed. As the bundle grows, so will the price. 

When are additional files added to the growing bundle? 

We include a schedule in the preview file directly in the product listing. 

How do I get the new files when they are added? 

To get the most recent version of the bundle, you have to download the bundle file again. You can do this by logging into your account, going to "My Purchases" and downloading the file again. 

Re-downloading an Updated Bundle from TpT

  1. Click on your account, and then click “My Purchases” from the dropdown menu. 

2. Search “Lucky Little Learners” or the name of the specific growing resource in the search bar

3. Click “Download”. When the download is finished, all updates/new files will be there! 

Re-downloading an Updated Bundle from the LLL Shop

  1. Login to your LLL account here: LLL Login
  2. Click on “My Account” on your dashboard.

3. Arrow over to and click on “Downloads”

4. There, you will see a list of your previously downloaded resources. 

5. Click “Download” next to the resource with the added files you want. 

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