All About Lucky Little Learners

Welcome to Lucky Little Learners 101! This article will tell you everything you need to know about Lucky Little Learners. Let’s get started!

What is "Lucky Little Learners"?

Lucky Little Learners is an elementary education resource design company, created by teachers, for teachers. We provide the highest-quality instructional and supplemental resources possible to empower a better everyday life for elementary teachers. 

How do I purchase from Lucky Little Learners?

There are several ways to purchase from Lucky Little Learners:

  1. Subscribe to our All Access Membership for unlimited printables
  2. Visit our web shop, which features all our resources, units, and activities.
  3. Shop through our Teachers Pay Teachers storefront
  4. Support our Amazon Affiliate Shop

How do I contact Lucky Little Learners support?

Help is on the way! Check our support page for frequently asked questions. Or drop us a line any time at

You can also submit a request on THIS CONTACT FORM

When was Lucky Little Learners founded?

Lucky Little Learners was founded by Angie Olson in 2011. 

Does Lucky Little Learners align their curriculum to research?

Yes! We are constantly learning about the best practices and research as we create our supplemental curriculum materials. To name a few of our curriculum inspirations: Heggerty, Science of Reading, LETRS training, and more. Our community of teachers is constantly expanding their knowledge base of best practices for our resource design.

Which standards does Lucky Little Learners use?

Lucky Little Learners' resources are aligned to Common Core State Standards. You can find the CCSS for each resource in its product listing in our Teachers Pay Teachers storefront.

Can I use Lucky Little Learners if I teach homeschool?

Yes! Lucky Little Learners resources are an excellent supplement to a homeschool curriculum. Our resources allow you to work at your own pace, and provide flexibility in instruction and review of skills.

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