Creating Differentiated Assignments in Google Forms

Google Forms are such a great tool for virtual or in person teachers! They can collect data, and they also are handy to use as assessments or for differentiation.


Creating a Differentiated Assignment 

  1. Create your assignment in a new Google Form. (Tip: Add a required “Name” field…no more no name assignments!)
  2. You will want one main question that is your starting point. (This will be the starting question that will lead student to different activities based on their response.)
  3. Click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner and make sure to set your form as a quiz. (Click “Quizzes” and then “Make this a Quiz”.)
  4. Under “Release Grade” select “Immediately after each submission”.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. Create your question.
  7. Click “Answer Key” and check the correct answer, then click “done”.
  8. Click on “Add Answer Feedback”.
  9. From here, you will add correct and incorrect response feedback.
    • Click on “Incorrect Answers” and type in the feedback message you want your students to see if they answer incorrectly. You can also add a YouTube video for reateaching the skill. (you must upload your teaching video to YouTube first) for reteaching the skill). Make sure to click “ADD”, then “done”.
    • Then, Click on “Correct Answers” and repeat the same process. 
    • NOTE: If your district has blocked Youtube, you will just be able to use links in the answer feedback section. These could be links to online games OR google classroom assignments.
  10. You also have the option to add points to this question if you wish.

Creating a Differentiated Assignment For Leveled Groups

This way is a bit more advanced, but allows for differentiation as well. This tip would be great for ANY subject area that you have leveled groups…one form, a different activity for each group.

  1. Start with a blank Google Form. Create a short answer question field for their name, and a second multiple choice question where they pick their group name. (Make sure to check the “required” button for both of these questions.)
  2. Click the settings icon and make sure your form is set to “Make this a Quiz” and “Save”.
  3. Now you are ready to add the differentiated sections of your form:
    • On the right hand Google Form menu, click the “Add Section” icon.
    • Name the new section one of your leveled group names.
    • Add all the questions you want that group to complete.
    • If you want each group to have a similar quiz format, you can duplicate the section by clicking the three dots in the right corner of the section and click “Duplicate Section”. This will provide the next section, which you will want to rename after your next group.
    • Repeat the duplicating step for each of your groups.
  4. In each section, go in and add your answer keys, point values or additional accepted answers.
  5. Once all of your answer keys are done, go up to your first section, to the question where they pick their group name.
  6. In the bottom right corner, click on the three dots then “Go to Section Based on Answer”.
  7. Drop down menus will appear next to each group name. You will need to assign the correct section for each group.
  8. Next, at the bottom of each section, you will need to click the drop down menu and choose that they will “Submit form” when done.
  9. TIP: Preview your differentiated form to make sure it all works okay!
  10. ANOTHER TIP: You can choose if they can view their grade right away or if you will send them their grade later. To do this, click the settings icon and “Quizzes”. Next, select the “Later After Manual Review” button. (On this screen you can also decide if you want them to see the point values and correct answers.) Click “save”.

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