How to Make Unlimited Copies of Objects in Google Slides

This article will walk you through the steps for quickly creating infinite duplicates of virtual objects in Google Slides. 

Video Tutorial: How to Make Unlimited Copies of Objects in Google Slides

Step 1: Add your Object to Google Slides

  1. You can drag and drop shapes right from Google Slides OR
  2. You can insert clip art or photo of your choosing.

Step 2: Duplicate Your Object/Image

  1. Zoom out so you can see the entire slide and area around it. You can then use the side space (next to the slide) to do your duplicating.
  2. Select your object and type “Command D”.
  3. Every time you press “D” you will get another duplicate of your object. Press it until you have the number of copies that you want.
  4. Click and drag a square over all of your copies of your object.
  5. While they are all selected, right click and choose “Align Horizontally” then “Center”.
  6. While your objects are still selected, right click again. Choose “Align Vertically” then “Middle”.
  7. All of your objects are now in a stack and still selected. Drag the stack over to the working area of your slide.
  8. Ta-dah! A stack of objects you can pull from and not have to copy paste!

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