TPT Reward Points

When it comes to TpT Reward points, there are two common questions. This article will address both of these questions and hopefully clear up how to earn TpT Reward Points and how much the points are worth vs. $1.00.

Do I earn Reward Points for referring a friend to All Access?

TpT Reward Points are not valid in All Access. However, you DO get one month free for each friend who signs up with an All Access paid plan

How much is a Reward Point worth vs. $1.00?

Earning TpT reward points is easy. However, it is important to note the reward points are not earned simply by purchasing resources, you need to leave a seller/product review to earn the points. How much is each review worth AND how do the points convert into dollars? Here are the important points:

  • Each review of a verified purchase = 10 reward points
  • 20 reward points = $1.00

Hopefully this clears up any reward points questions you have. If further help is needed on this topic, email Happy shopping! 

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