What if My File isn't Printing Correctly?

          Have you accessed a Lucky Little Learners resource, but it won’t print correctly? This can sometimes happen with image-heavy files. Try the following tips to troubleshoot common printing issues.

          1. Determine what file type you’re having trouble printing. 

          If it’s a ZIP file, you’ll need to uncompress the file first before you can print the components. Here’s how you can open a Zip file.

          1. Right-click on the unopened ZIP folder.
          2. Choose “Extract All” from the menu that opens.
          3. Choose a destination. This is the place where you want to keep the unzipped files. You can choose “My Documents,” for example.
          4. Click “Extract.

          If the file is a PDF, especially a PDF with a lot of graphics, it may look fine on your screen, but may not print out correctly. If you’re having trouble printing a PDF, please be sure that you’re opening the PDF with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

          2. Make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader. 

          You can find it here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

            Once this application is downloaded and installed to your computer:

            1. Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader
            2. Click “Print”
            3. In the “Page Sizing & Handling” section, select “Shrink Oversized Pages” if needed
            4. Click on “Advanced”
            5. Check the “Print as Image” box
            6. Print the document

          3. Download and save the file to your computer before opening it.

          Tips for printing with a Mac:
          1. Make sure you are not opening the file in “Preview.” This is often the default setting on Mac.
          2. Open Adobe Reader first, rather than just double-clicking on the file.
          1. Select “open with” to open the file in Adobe Reader

          If that doesn't work, try this advice from TpT Tech Support:

          1. Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader
          2. Click “print"                              

3. Click on “advanced”

4. Check the “print as image” box

4. Did you purchase a Lucky Little Learners resource through Teachers Pay Teachers?

If you have tried all the above steps and the product still isn’t printing correctly, TPT Support can help you further. They are wonderful and quick to respond and will be able to guide you through any issues.

There are two ways to get support from TPT:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on Help & FAQ. 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the question mark speech bubble image. 

2. Click on the image to begin chatting with the TpT Help Desk.

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