My File is Not Downloading

If you are having trouble downloading your LLL resources, here are some troubleshooting tips to try. 

My zip file won’t download

Make sure you are downloading from TPT on a desktop or laptop. Chromebooks and phones/tablets do not usually support zip files. 

Download issues may occur sometimes due to unreliable network connection or browser connection that may interrupt your download. If you see an error message about the network connection, you should refresh your browser and try again in a few minutes. The issue will often resolve itself. You may also try to clear cache. Also, if you’re trying to download on a school computer, please remember that some schools restrict downloading. You’ll need to download your file at home instead and save it onto a USB drive or email it to yourself.

I can’t unzip the file

After downloading fully, unzip the file. If you are unfamiliar with zip files, check out our articles on File Types and Unzipping Files (linked below). 

How do I open files with Adobe?

After completely unzipping the file, open the PDF with Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can get it free here: Adobe Reader.

On the Adobe site, click on “Download PDF Reader”.

Be sure to click on “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC”, this is the FREE version!

Next, to open your downloaded PDF with Adobe Reader, right click on your PDF, hover to the “Open with” option and choose Adobe Reader.

How do I print from Adobe Reader?

We suggest printing sections at a time so you don't overload your printer memory. For example, pages 1-10 first, then pages 11-20, etc.

Still having trouble?

If these troubleshooting tips did not work, contact the Lucky Little Learners or Teachers Pay Teachers wonderful support teams!

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