How to Print Poster-Sized Anchor Charts

Do you have some PDF resources that would make fantastic anchor charts? 

It’s possible (and super quick!) to print your digital PDFs – poster-sized!

Poster Size Printing Instructions

Here are your step-by-step directions on how to print a PDF file and make it poster size in the printer settings.  

No Cutting/ No Assembly Printing

Step 1 – On your computer, open the PDF file you want to print. 

Step 2 – Select “Print” to open the print dialogue window. 

Step 3 – Under “Paper Size” select “Manage Custom Sizes”.

Step 4 – Enter the dimensions for your largest-sized paper. For most copy machines, this is 11.0in X 17.0in

Step 5 – Adjust the margin size based on how much white space you’d like to have around the outside of the image. 

Step 6 – Print!

For an Even Larger Poster (with a tiny bit of assembly)

Follow steps 1-3 above

Step 4 – Enter the dimensions for any size – as large as you’d like!

Step 5 – Cut and glue the printed pages together to make a poster custom made to your preferred size

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