How to Search for Resources in All Access

All Access is designed to be a HUGE timesaver thanks to advanced search and filtering tools! There are several ways to find exactly what you're looking for in no time. 

🚨🚨 Watch this video to see the search and filtering tools in action: How to Search for Resources in All Access

Ways to Search for Resources:

I) Search by Skill

II) Search by Grade Level

III) Search by Category

IV) Search by Resource Type

V) Search by Format

VI) Search by Series

VII) Search for Similar Activities 

There are times you might want to see all the activities in the pack or bundle. We've set up additional links inside each activity so you can easily do this! 

VIII) You can also sort all resources by popularity, average rating, and most recently added.

The fantastic thing is that all of the above ways to search work together! So, if you start a search by skill, you can continue narrowing the search using other filters until the activity you need appears! 

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