How to Create a List of Favorite Resources

As you are browsing through the thousands of resources at your fingertips in All Access, you may come across a few you wish to bookmark or save for later. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of doing just that. 

Directions for saving and managing your favorites lists are demonstrated in THIS VIDEO.

1. Pick your resource to save. I am looking for math songs to use in the classroom. Here is a snapshot of a few of the resources that showed up in my “song” All Access search. I have decided I want to save the “Odd Numbers Song” for later. 

–Each resource has a heart with the word “Save”.

2. Click “Save”.

3. A button will pop up "Create a New List". Click this button.

4. After a few seconds, you will be automatically rerouted to your favorites menu. It looks like this.

5. Type in all the list information, decide if you'd like to set your list to private, shared, or public and click “Create List”.

6. To view resources saved in your list, click on the list name. Resources will be listed like this:

To access lists from your Account Dashboard:

1. Sign in to your account

2. Arrow over to “Favorites” in the top menu.

Move Resources to a Different Favorites List:

  1. When you click “Save” on a resource, it will automatically add it to a list. You can see in the picture below, I want to move the 1st Grade Spiral ELA resource to my Spiral ELA favorites list. This is easy! Click the pink “Move” button.

2. A pop-up menu will appear with a drop down menu. Choose the list you want to move the resource to. Easy as pie! 

Sharing A List

You can share your lists with your teaching team to make lesson or thematic planning a breeze! 

-Be sure you set your list setting to “Shared”, as seen in the picture below, for this process to work. 

There are a couple of ways to share a list:

  1. This is an easy way to share a list: just copy the list’s link and share it through whatever messaging you prefer. 

Contact if you need any assistance. 

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